[Grovenet] 100-year Anniversary of 9/11

Geri ggsteele at gte.net
Mon Sep 11 09:05:06 PDT 2006

No, that's not a typo.  There really is a 100-year 9/11 anniversary:

     "A brief history of September 11, 1906: the Birth of Satyagraha
     "Adapted by NP volunteer Derek Mitchell & NP staff from the writings of Professor
Michael Nagler, Professor emeritus and founder of the Peace and Conflict Studies
program at University of California, Berkeley.
     " 'During my half-century of experience, I have not yet come across a situation when I
had to say ... that I had no remedy in terms of non-violence.' — Mahatma Gandhi
     "One hundred years ago a historic meeting took place in Johannesburg, South Africa, that would change
human history. . . ."


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