[Grovenet] Bush commutes Libby prison sentence - Yahoo! News

Steven NoSpam03 at comcast.net
Mon Jul 2 20:02:04 PDT 2007

Leaking her name was not a crime. The guy who did it had nothing to do 
with Libby.
Lets see. Clinton got disbarred for lying. 2.5 years in the slammer for 
lying is a bit much when you see a murderer get 6 months.
 From what I caught, the judgment stands. Only the time in jail is lifted.
I felt sorry for Martha Stuart too.
But I share your distaste of the BS going on in Washington.

Bob Browning wrote:
> As Independence Day approaches, we now know what the Bush White House 
> feels about the equal application of the law. There are two rules, one 
> for Cheney and his buddies, and one for everybody else!!  This just 
> makes me sick!!
> And to think that no one has ever been charged in the release of Valarie 
> Plame's name. It is dispicable!!
> bob

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