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Yes.  What they were talking about was citizens who just
didn't like the fireworks and were complaining (not about
anything illegal) ...

Either way, unless there is an *emergency,* they should
not call 911, but should use the regular police dept. number ...


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: Not everyone realizes that some communities still allow limited use of
: certain personal fireworks. 
: In many places *all* personal fireworks are just plain illegal, and folks
: who have lost homes and even loved-ones lives to fires set by fireworks
: (bottle rockets, mis-handled candles, etc.) are severely traumatized by
: hearing and smelling them. 
: And then there's a whole generation of Vietnam Vets, a number of whom are
: severely affected by the sights and sounds.
: Even where some personal fireworks are legal, there are severe restrictions
: on their use. For example, "If it flies, explodes or travels more than 6
: feet on the ground or 12 inches in the air, it's illegal - bottle rockets,
: Roman candles, fire crackers," said Lieutenant John Hopkins, with Clackamas
: County Fire District #1. "It's up to a $500 fine and possible jail time for
: transporting fireworks from Washington to Oregon."
: Lots of people don't realize that *all* personal fireworks are illegal on
: *any* Oregon beach or on *any* public land - state or federal. 
: Does that include city streets or parks? They're public land. No wonder
: people are calling 911. 
: One might ask why we allow personal pyrotechnics at all. "In 2006, there
: were 243 fires caused by fireworks reported statewide. That's a 43 percent
: increase from 2005," said Assistant Chief Deputy Stacy Warner with the
: Oregon Fire Marshal's Office. "The total property damage caused by these
: fires was estimated at $1.1 million."
: Ron D'Eau Claire
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: http://www.oregoncitynewsonline.com/news/story.php?story_id=1182814176650869
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: Hi, Katie --  At the time I watched iRack I didn't have time
: to watch anything else; will have to check these out.   : )
: Speaking of emergency call centers and non-911 calls:
: This morning on local TV news, they were asking people not
: to call to report fireworks going off in their neighborhood on the 4th!  Uh,
: fireworks going off on the 4th of July ... (Okay to call if something
: catches fire, though.)
: Geri
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