[Grovenet] Finding Roots (WAS: E-Card from Hoss)

Ron D'Eau Claire rondec at easystreet.com
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We're still "right here" Ed, thanks to the modern world of cyberspace ;-) 

We just traded the urban 'metropolis' of Forest Grove for one half that
size: Newport, with its 9,000 plus-a-few residents. 

Even though I was raised on the edge of the Mojave desert where triple-digit
temperatures were common every summer, somewhere along the way I must have
gotten addicted to salt water because I get very restless after being away
from it for too long. I don't much miss a deck under my feet, but the
temperate climate, the constant change announced by the ceaseless rumble of
waves and all those negative ions in the air churned up by the surf are
important to my well-being. Of course the ocean is an ancestral home to Cobi
who was raised on the North Sea in Holland.

As I told the people who bought our home, we needed to sell because it was
too long of a walk to the beach. Ten years ago we didn't think it was that
particularly important. We were wrong.  

We live in one of the little neighborhoods of South Beach about 4 miles
south of the beautiful McCullough Bridge across the Yaquina bay. Our
neighborhood has about 100 homes in it. Cobi's only complaint is that she
has to drive one-handed because *everyone* waves to you as you drive along
-- even teenagers! 

But, after all, this is still "Oregon".

We Oregonians worry about what we can do to promote a healthy, vibrant
economy. It starts with an educated population, which is why I gnash my
teeth whenever I see someone who slipped through the cracks in the system.
But I think there's something even more basic than education. It's attitude.
Education and attitude work hand-in-glove of course, but I submit it is
attitude that makes education possible: attitude on the part of those who
would learn, attitude on the part of those who would teach, and attitude on
the part of those who would support education. It's attitude that makes
relationships work, at home or in the world. Leaders lose their following
when people perceive poor attitude. Voters make their decisions at the polls
based on their attitude.

Maybe that's the most valuable thing we can export to the rest of the world
wherever it's in short supply: good attitude. 

I'm glad to see it thriving in South Beach too. 

Ron D'Eau Claire 

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We wondered where you were, Ron?
Only 96 here today!

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