[Grovenet] Movie/Discussion: Peak Oil, tonight, 7/10, 6:30 PM

David Morelli jo.david at verizon.net
Tue Jul 10 20:57:39 PDT 2007

Sorry, I don't want to use the gas to go to Hillsboro if I don't have  
a pressing need.  <smile>

Actually, It ended an hour ago.


On Jul 10, 2007, at 9:04 AM, Alana Graham wrote:

> Dear All,
> The UUCCWC (Unitarian Church in Hillsboro)downstairs
> in the cool social hall is the place to be this
> evening to see the movie: "Crude Awakening: the Oil
> Crash" at 6:30 PM.
> This compelling, intelligent and highly entertaining
> film about peak oil transitions is about 90 minutes.
> The film comes to a startling but logical conclusion
> -our industrial society, built on cheap and readily
> available oil, must be completely redesigned and over
> hauled - now!  The film poses not only very serious
> questions, but also provides possible solutions to the
> most perplexing and important economic, environmental
> and public policy issue of our times.  There will be
> discussion after the film.  The film is sponsored by
> Washington County Peak Oil group, which is dedicated
> to making oil transition a crisis-free shift toward
> conscientious and intentional choices beyond the
> challenge.
> There will be food, drink and the event is FREE.
> The address is: 22785 NW Birch St, Hillsboro.  This is
> off 231st near Orenco station.
> Alana - hope you see you there!
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