Palmy Palmy at comcast.net
Fri Jul 13 22:15:20 PDT 2007

I recommend John Schmidtkofer's shop in Cornelius.  As a single lady, I 
take my Cadillac, Honda and Nissan to him and have always felt he 
treated my cars and me with knowledge and HONESTY.

Westside Auto Repair
505 N. 10th Av

Palmy Garland

John Welch wrote:

>Hey Grovenuts - I have seen chatter on the net about auto servicing/repair but had no need to pay attention 'til now.  My  back-up car, a 95 Volvo 850, has not been driven more than about 3K miles in the last few years and needs to be gone over before visiting relatives may want to use it.  

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