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Hi Tracy,

Thank you very much!

Leslie & Roger

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Hey Leslie,

I used a mover from Angie's List, Willamette Valley Moving.    They were 
hands down the least expensive.  I boxed everything up and they did the 
rest.  Including breaking down my furniture and setting it back up for me.

The guy who answers the phone can be a little gruff, but don't worry.  The 
workers showed up on time, ran like crazy for several hours and left me with

a house full of intact furniture and belongings.

503) 621-0442


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>Subject: [Grovenet] Mover Recommendations
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>Hello Grovenuts,
>After many months of effort, it appears that we have sold our home and
>(better yet) have finally found another here in the Grove. We will be
>renting a couple of PODS (yes, we have become "Pod people".... wasn't that 
>forgettable horror flick?) We need help getting the PODS properly loaded 
>then after about 10 days in storage unload them into the new house.
>Do you have any recommendations for experienced and reasonably priced folks
>to do the heavy lifting for us?
>Thank you,
>Leslie & Roger
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