[Grovenet] Thanks to Geri!

Geri ggsteele at gte.net
Sat Jul 21 18:19:38 PDT 2007

Oh, you know who it was, Ron, who used to sign that way?
It was Julie Larson.

You know, I always thought it was a good one, both
symbolically and literally, too.

: )

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: Geri, I've been thinking about you. 
: You used to tag your signature with "Chop wood. Carry water." 
: I thought it was an interesting tag. 
: Then, one day, I noticed a book among Cobi's stacks: "Chop Wood Carry Water"
: with the subtitle "A Guide to Finding Spiritual Fulfillment in Everyday
: Life" by the editors of the New Age Journal. 
: It's a great read! Actually it's much more than that. It's a great STUDY!
: Sure, I know Sufis and have admired their value system. I've read
: Krishnamurti, Lao Tzu and many others quoted in the book, but learning is a
: process of being immersed in ideas again and again. One doesn't swim much in
: a single cup of water. It is by finding a depth to splash around in and
: experience things I had forgotten, things I never before related to my
: world, and things which I never understood before that I learn. 
: I've often written about how blessed I am to have had so many great teachers
: in this life. One who brings the material to experience and study is as much
: a teacher as one who instructs. 
: Thank you for bringing this teaching into my world, Geri! 
: With something over 100 trees up to about 100 feet high on this bit of land
: bounded on two sides by a creek, "Chop Wood Carry Water" probably has
: something of a literal meaning as well ;-)
: Ron D'Eau Claire 
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