[Grovenet] Raccoons

Ron D'Eau Claire ron at cobi.biz
Tue Jul 24 07:40:03 PDT 2007

I read that mothballs will drive them away. (Mothballs drive me away too.
Does that mean I have some raccoon blood?)

Seriously, the use of old-fashioned  mothballs to drive away raccoons (and
other small pests) has been around for years. I've not tried it myself, but
I've  seen many claims that it works well. 

Unfortunately, the chemical cocktail used in mothballs isn't any too good
for us Humans an any quantity either, so I'd probably pursue other options
rather than test my body's ability to deal with yet another environmental

Ron D'Eau Claire 

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How do I get rid of raccoons under the house? They broke a screen and 
are in the crawl space.. _______________________________________________
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