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Vickie Madeoneup whatsupy2k at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 24 22:11:15 PDT 2007

Speaking from experience

1st I would suggest putting a large heavy board underneath the trap, trapped raccoons are NOT happy. Also think about how you will pick the trap up.

The county no longer loans or rents traps but there are places that do, but if it takes you a few days to capture it you're better off buying the trap. (this may have changed since I did it, it's been a couple of years)

You can bait the trap with catfood.

I had to get a permit from the county to trap them. If I remember correctly I had to set them free in an area where they were 5 miles from anyones driveway. 

Good luck.


"a_tom_51 at juno.com" <a_tom_51 at juno.com> wrote: What are you supposed to do with a racoon once you have trapped them alive? 
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