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Alan, where can you buy the hormones?

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  It is quite simple to transport rose outings, as 
I do it all the time.
  I send cuttings to my family and friends in 
calif all the time.
  First read the url I sent about rose cuttings.
  I always use Press'n Seal made by GladT
  and wrap each rose individually with a little 
water to keep the moist.
  Then I'll put however many I have to send in a 
Zip Lock bag, and into a
  3 day mailer box from the Post Office. I have 
NEVER had any problems at
  all doing it like this  for many years. In fact 
yopu might want to do it
  this way instead of trying to take it on a 
plane, for it would stop a
  lot of questions.

  Tom Alexander wrote....
  Dear Hoss and grovenet rose growers,
  A while back I visited the house that my 
Grandfather owned many years
  ago. In the garden are a few rose bushes that he 
planted from cuttings.
  I don't know much about them but I do know he 
called them his "Bottle
  babies." I'm told he used small jars or 
something similar to create a
  more friendly climate for them. I did not know 
that you can grow roses
  from cuttings. Next week I am going to be in 
that town and the current
  home owner (who bought the house from my 
Grandfather) has invited me to
  take cuttings if I wish. So getting to the 
point, How difficult would it
  be to for me to take cuttings, Fly home from 
Salt Lake City with them,
  and do something here to grow them into rose 
bushes? Is this feasible
  for someone who is not a master gardener?
  Any advise would be welcomed
  Tom Alexander



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