[Grovenet] A Hosstyle Good Day For You

Alan Domenghini aka an OleHoss OleHossTreeFarm at webtv.net
Sun Nov 1 09:51:22 PST 2009

Hi This Greeting Is Just For You - It Is Sunday :-

by the bye ... Mr Ed....
I saw that you were up at 06:19 .. what did you do.... did you set you
clock back?

Sept Rain; 1.75 inches .. give or take
Oct   ......;  5.75  "
Total so far this season is  7.50 which is far behind last year at this
time at 12 inches give or take....

I just had a cell phone conversation with a school mate in Morro Bay,
and he says at 0900 this am it was about 80* so he was going kayaking at
Avala Beach...

So cold here I had to start the wood-stove up...

~A~ :›)

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