[Grovenet] which should come first: street sweeper or leaf collector?

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Here are some tips on leaf composting:


And here's what happens to all those leaves the city collects (they get composted!)


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Holly T. wrote:
> I gotta wonder why leaf sweeping should be necessary at all. Every Autumn, my next-door neighbor, an environmental science professor at PU, puts all the leaves he can rake atop his garden beds. And he has a TON of them because there are giant oak, dogwood, and magnolia trees in his yard. No need for bark dust in my neighbor's yard. The leaves decompose, keep the weeds down, add nutrients to the soil, and actually look pretty darned nice if you don't mind that "fluffy" look.
> Following my neighbor's lead, for the past couple of years, I have been topping my raised veggie garden beds and all of my perennial beds with as many leaves as I can rake up. Come Spring, I just till them into the soil. I also fill my compost bins with leaves and let 'em rot there through the winter months.
> Seems like this solution falls in line much better with the City's new "sustainability" pledge than sweeping up the leaves and hauling them away. Of course, it's a lot more work for most people than just raking (or blowing) them into the street.
> I wonder what the city does with the leaves. Anybody know? If they're not going back into the soil, I gotta wonder why not. Composting them for the Community Gardens sounds to me like a fabulous idea if no one's thought of doing that already.
> Holly
Just did this exact thing today.  I hate giving away free compost.  Good
idea Holly.

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