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Worst part is that I no longer get OPB. What a complete drag that is.

But, I do get this God channel at all hours of the day and night that appears to be for children and that appears to come from Australia. It's just about the WORST puppet show I've ever seen. It's like the voice overs are coming from Australia but the puppeteers are trying to finger-sync words that are spoken in Swahili. Plus, the puppets all look just terrible--like they've been through a hurricane and then mangled by pit bulls or something. Plus, the stories they tell are all so incredibly lame and fundamentalist. My crazy friend, Kevin, actually tapes hours and hours of this show at my place and takes them home to watch at his place for cheap entertainment. He goes into complete hysterics over this show because it's so astonishingly bad. Warped sense of humor that Kevin. 

On the other hand, the new digital programming has made it a lot easier for me to catch up on my reading.


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I was wondering if digital TV has turned out to be what it was cracked up to be for all of you?

For us, even though we are hooked up to an HD antenea and also a converter box the TV is fairly poor.
It shuffles into it's digital pixels, gives a "no signal" message and then goes back to the show.

This happens real often.

I just wanted to find out if this is happening to others.


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