[Grovenet] Teachers buy cheap kids books tomorrow, 11/11

Kristy Gravlin hannah at teleport.com
Tue Nov 10 22:12:39 PST 2009

Channel 6 just ran a crawler saying they are going to collect "stuff" for
Marysville school's needs. They were mentioning pencils, paper, crayons,
etc., but I know teachers would also be very pleased to have books. Didn't I
hear that this is a K-8 building? Even if "only" K-5 that covers a very wide
range of reading levels....You couldn't get them for a better price!!

On 11/10/09 11:56 PM, "Alana Graham" <isis23ra at yahoo.com> wrote:

> NIce selection of children's books (.25 each) and teen/young adult (.50) books
> at the FG Library book sale which IS OPEN TOMORROW, Veteran's Day from 10 AM -
> 8 PM.
> Celebrate Veteran's Day by buying books and supporting your local library.
> Many thanks
> alana
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