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just to add a final factor

I DO have a tall antennae on my roof.
We got the recommendation from the digital people and bought the HD
huge antennae. We still have those problems even though we have that

It seems to me, a very long long time ago that when paid cable TV came out it's big selling point was no commercials.You still pay for cable but they certainly do have commercials.
Even though there were multiple reasons for the government requiring the digital service, from a TV consumer point of view, it failed.

We can not get cable in our area even if I wanted it and I didn't really want to resort to paying for TV through a dish company. I guess I am spoiled by our old analog system of TV that was paid for through commercials.



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>From my daughter who is good at "research" problems, this not so encouraging

Well, assuming that most on grovenet are in the same situation, out in the
banks/FG area, I would assume they have the same problems. You may have a
converter box but from what I understand you will probably need a good,
tall, outdoor antenna. [K: I have an old, small antenna, on the end of the
that probably comes no where near clearing the ridge of the house itself...
and that¹s the direction where the towers must be.] The area you are in is
probably too far from the towers, too tree'y, and too bumpy. This is a
for many people. Honestly, I don't know how good our reception here [about
55 miles
west of Chicago] would be here without the cable [that they have]. When I go
to the 
government site they estimate reception based on having an antennae 30'
above ground, 
which I don't have.

Plus there are other problems which are unique to digital signals. You may
receiving weak signals but, because it¹s digital, they won't come in.
is on or off. No fuzzy, almost sort of, reception like you used to have.

Both of these links seem good/interesting: <http://www.dtv.gov/topfaqs.html>

End solution for that house is to get a service like satelite, cable, or DSL
or to get a larger outdoor antennae. I don't think there is any other way
that you will get any decent reception just because of the nature of digital


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I thought it was "just" because I am 5 miles west of Banks, in the woods,
with a very old, not very high-up antenna. But the symptoms are very much
the same. Some channels come in a lot better than others. I spend almost
every day watching (I use the term loosely, but do like something on while I
type) Qubo cartoons. They are good as cartoons go...but I'd like more
choices than cartoons, paid programming, and religious programs of every
ilk. I might be able to tolerate more of the "picture pixels" if it wasn't
also "voice pixels" which are VERY hard to listen to. I get a lot more
channels than before the marvelous box that was to make my life better...but
cannot depend upon seeing the three main channels...or nearly any other one

I'll be interested in what others have to say.  Kristy

On 11/10/09 11:02 PM, "Vickie Madeoneup" <whatsupy2k at yahoo.com> wrote:

> I was wondering if digital TV has turned out to be what it was cracked up
> be for all of you?
> For us, even though we are hooked up to an HD antenea and also a converter
> the TV is fairly poor.
> It shuffles into it's digital pixels, gives a "no signal" message and then
> goes back to the show.
> This happens real often.
> I just wanted to find out if this is happening to others.
> Vickie
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