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Thanks for sending this.  I got a lot of flack at the time for sponsoring
this bill.  I'm glad it turned out the way we envisioned it.


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The next time you hear someone grumbling about the restrictions on
over-the-counter cold medications, or wonder if it's worth the bother,
consider this.

Attached is a graph illustrating how Oregon had nearly the highest property
crime rate in the nation, ranking 48th out of 52 (including DC and Puerto
Rico) for the years 2003 - 2005. In 2005 Oregon adopted the strictest limits
in the nation on pseudoephedrine in over-the-counter cold medications. This
was expected to reduce the frequency of "mom and pop meth labs," but no one
expected the results to be so sudden or so dramatic: meth labs disappeared
from the state nearly overnight, and the following year Oregon dropped from
48th highest to 34th, and by 2008 it had dropped to 29th place in index
property crime rates. It's a success story worth repeating.

That little blip in 1996 is related to meth, as well. You can read more
about that at http://www.oregon.gov/CJC/MethPropCrime1996_20041007.pdf The
impact of meth on property crime rates, unlike any other drug, never fails
to amaze me. 

Just happy to be here, but speaking
only for myself!
Meredith Bliss --- www.rdrop.com/~mbliss

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