[Grovenet] who wins in Wisconsin?

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One wonders why the Rs are so indifferent to, or hostile to, the life of the mind.  Is education in itself a threat to their "program"?


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Interesting article at  http://www.care2.com/causes/wisconsin- 

When Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and his GOP cronies in the  
Legislature strong-armed through a union-busting bill, they touted  
the effects it would have on the free market. Well, the market has  
spoken, and it's not happy. Associate Press reported today that  
teachers in Wisconsin are retiring at twice the normal rate in  
response to budget cuts that affect their benefits and ability to  
collectively bargain.

Though many public sectors in Wisconsin are seeing more retirements  
than usual, for schools this is especially problematic, as fewer  
teachers means even larger class sizes. It's quickly turning into a  
veritable teacher shortage; the district of Beloit, for example, has  
seen 10% of their teachers retire, meaning that they have far more  
vacancies than they can reasonably hope to fill before the year starts.

Perhaps an even bigger problem is that most of the retirements are  
coming from veteran teachers, who have been in the system for years.  
Green Bay German teacher Ginny Fleck is quoted by AP as saying, "All  
of the leadership is gone. Some of these younger people who come in  
need help from the older teachers and they are gone. Plus, the morale  
is really down." Fleck goes on to say that one reason why she  
considered leaving was the economics: if she was to stay as a  
teacher, the hit she would take would have been so large that she  
would have lost $8,000...

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