[Grovenet] who wins in Wisconsin?

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Washington State is a union state and not found on your list. Why?

Nevada, Idaho, Arizona, other than ranching and casinos, does not have substantial and notable industries to employ people.


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If "Right to Work" was the panacea that you claim, the 22 right to work states should all have better unemployment rates than the 28 right to unionize states.  Is that the case?


About half of the right to work states have unemployment rates HIGHER than the national average.  
Nevada, Idaho and Arizona in the West.  
North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee in the South.

Of the 28 right to unionize states, 2/3 have unemployment rates LOWER than the national average. 
New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Maine,  New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware in the East.
Minnesota, West Virginia, Indiana, Ohio, and Missouri in the central states.  
Wyoming, Hawaii, New Mexico, Montana, Colorado, Alaska, in the West.

What you propose is a reduction in the wages in states that are "right to unionize" to bring them UP to the unemployment levels of the "right to work" states?  Why?


On Sep 1, 2011, at 11:00 PM, donkelly wrote:

> The union busting bill was needed. Also needed is union busting bills and creation of more right to work states. 
> ...I would say that is a good thing for workers in this county. I don't have the numbers, but bet the unemployment rate here is under 9%. 
> What sayeth thou?
> don

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