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Thanks, Katie.  When I retired from full-time teaching in May, I donated hundreds of books to the FG Library...so, if you're looking for British, American, or Japanese literature, the next sale will be a good time.  There's also some intellectual history, German history, and the like.


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Want to do a good thing?
If you have any book shelves you are clearing off or just want to make room on your reading table, take your used books to the FG library and donate them.

Did you know that when you donate books to the library they get three chances to make our library better?
First, the librarians check to see if they need the books for the shelves. (It's one way we can expand the library collection without the city spending any money - yeah!) Then if not needed there, a dedicated group checks to see if it might be valuable enough to sell individually with the money going back into library programs.
 And last, if it hasn't found it's new home it will go into the general library book sale held twice a year. Again the money goes back into the library programs.

We have one of the most loved libraries right here in FG and if you'd like to spread a little love, next time  you finish with a book if you don't want to store it, give it to the library.

PS Yes there is a website for Friends of the FG library too.

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