[Iglfa-women] Now Available: Do You Want to Have a Baby? by Dr. Linda Page and Sarah Abernathy

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Dear Friends,
It's my pleasure to announce the immediate availability of my newest book, Do You Want to Have a Baby? a collaboration with my friend and research director, Sarah Abernathy. We've had so many requests for this book over the years that we've lost count, and we're so excited to finally be able to bring this vital information to the people who need it the most.

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Millions of Americans struggle with fertility problems. Most can overcome them with simple lifestyle changes and natural therapies. Do You Want to Have a Baby? covers optimal nutrition for conception, the best fertility-enhancing supplements, and the documented success of bodywork therapies. The book also addresses the heartbreak of miscarriage and how to improve your chances if you're at risk.

LEARN MORE>> http://www.healthyhealing.com/product.esiml?PID=403

Do You Want to Have a Baby? includes our step-by-step diet for nutritional demands during pregnancy with special suggestions for women expecting multiples. It provides our detailed recommendations on herbs you can use safely during pregnancy and nursing, and what to avoid. An expanded section on the special problems of pregnancy reveals the best natural therapies to reduce fatigue, hemorrhoids, morning sickness, labor pain, stretch marks, swollen ankles and many other common complaints. This 176-page, easy-to-read guide explains your options for labor and delivery, how to avoid unnecessary medical interventions, and even offers special recommendations for losing post-pregnancy weight. Look for the bonus section on natural baby care!

Look Inside This Book:

- View Index [PDF 64k]

- View Table of Contents [PDF 64k]

- View Example Chapter 2: Enhancing fertility, naturally [PDF 500k]

- View Example Chapter 8: Natural pre-natal care: targeted herbs and supplements for a mother-to-be [PDF 148k]

- View the Press Release

To Life-Long Health,
Linda Page, Ph. D., Traditional Naturopath
Author of Healthy Healing & Founder of Crystal Star Herbal Nutrition (Since 1978).



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