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Dear Friends,

Do you or someone you love have diabetes? I’m betting your answer is yes.

November is national diabetes month, and I want to share with you natural solutions you can start using today to prevent diabetes complications and get your blood sugar back into a healthy balance.

Diabetes is a serious disease which has reached epidemic levels in America. Today, 17 million people suffer from diabetes. Many more people have the disease and don’t even know it. Type 2 diabetes cases are even rising among young adults and children. In type 2 diabetes, the most common type, the pancreas is unable to use insulin properly or has too little insulin, the hormone that allows sugar to be stored or used for energy. It’s a vicious cycle where poor fat and sugar metabolism lead to weight gain… which then leads to diabetes. The cycle keeps going. Diabetes makes you more hungry, so symptoms are aggravated as well as brought on by eating too much fat and too many sugary foods.

Complications from diabetes are the fourth leading cause of death by disease in the world today. Heart disease, high blood pressure, retinopathy (loss of vision), nerve damage, kidney problems, arteriosclerosis, and circulatory problems are all major problems that face diabetics. But there is a lot of hope. While some cases need to be managed medically, many type 2 diabetics can balance their blood sugar by following a low glycemic, low fat diet and getting regular exercise.

An important note on type 1 diabetes:  Type 1 diabetes is a juvenile, autoimmune condition where the body destroys its own insulin-producing cells. Today scientists are working with Islet-cell transplants as a possible cure with some success. However, at this point, type 1 diabetes is a chronic problem that is almost entirely dependent on insulin to sustain life.

Diabetes Risk Factors

People with a family history of the disease (particularly African Americans), who are overweight, or who get little or no exercise are at the highest risk. A diet high in refined sugar and refined carbohydrates is another factor. Sugar has become an entire food group, counting for an astounding 20% of total daily calories for adult Americans! But a high sugar diet overworks, then damages the pancreas, so your body can’t produce or correctly use insulin. As refined carbohydrates and sugars cease to be metabolized, they accumulate in the body and are stored as fat. Excess body fat and lack of exercise then bring on insulin resistance.

Do you have high blood sugar warning signs?
—extreme thirst with frequent urination
—slow healing cuts and wounds; chronic infections
—recent weight loss or weight gain without diet changes
—severe, unexplained fatigue
—blurry vision

If you have diabetes warning symptoms, seek medical advice. Testing your blood sugar when you get up in the morning can also provide some helpful clues. Home blood glucose monitoring kits are available from most pharmacies.

Natural Therapies Rebalance Body Systems

1. Start with diet improvements. Do not skip meals. Most diabetics should eat 6 mini-meals a day, especially if they’re on insulin therapy. Ask your physician.

    * Focus on a largely plant-based, fresh foods diet for complex carbohydrates that don’t require much insulin for metabolism. Make sure you are getting high quality protein from fish, legumes, and green superfoods like barley grass and spirulina.  Add high fiber vegetables, and whole grains like oats and brown rice to stabilize sugar swings.

2. Consider herbal formulas to help control blood sugar. Note: If you’re on medication for diabetes, ask your doctor before using herbal formulas. Diabetics may need to reduce the dosage of their medication while using herbs.

    * Crystal Star Sugar Control High caps contain herbs like cedar berry, fenugreek and wild yam that help lower high blood sugar levels and improve insulin resistance.

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    * Ginseng therapy shows promise. In one study, ginseng significantly improved mood, physical performance and blood sugar control when compared to placebo. A new study published in Archives of Internal Medicine shows taking American ginseng before meals reduces the blood sugar spikes that occur in diabetics after eating.  Crystal Star uses blend of ginseng species and ginseng-like herbs in Feel Great Now™ caps for their powerful sugar balancing, energy and immune support.

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Diet improvements are absolutely necessary to overcoming type 2 diabetes and avoiding its complications. A healthy, natural foods diet, in addition to reducing insulin requirements and balancing blood sugar, has the nice “side effects” of healthy weight loss and better heart protection. Regular exercise and certain natural supplements are important to normalize high blood sugar swings, too.  If you crave sweets, consider natural sweeteners like stevia and luohan fruit which taste great and are safe for diabetics and people with hypoglycemia.

To Life-Long Health,

Linda Page, Ph. D., Traditional Naturopath
Author of Healthy Healing & Founder
of Crystal Star Herbal Nutrition (Since 1978).


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