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Dear Friends,

Menopause isn’t all about hot flashes and night sweats. Many women say that menopause is affecting their sex lives. It seems that women’s libidos are at all time low. The latest statistics find that as many as 50% of adult women have lost interest in sex or have difficulty becoming aroused.

Even a minute imbalance in hormones can contribute to low libido or vaginal dryness, the two main sexual problems women face today. Vaginal dryness caused by dropping estrogen levels makes sex uncomfortable and painful, and also raises the risk of certain infections. In addition, adrenal exhaustion and thyroid malfunction can cause a low libido, and they’re both at epidemic levels in America today, especially for women after menopause.

Unfortunately, most aphrodisiacs for women on the market today use highly concentrated forms of caffeine to excite sexual response. For many women, this aggravates anxiety and moodiness, so we have avoided it in Crystal Star formulas. Very small amounts of natural caffeine from sources like guarana and kola nut in Crystal Star Love Female™ formula work better for women over the long term, with less risk of side effects. Dr. Linda Page, author of the bestselling book Healthy Healing, recommends women use a formula like Love Female™ for about a week before a romantic weekend.

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Here’s another tip: Love Female™ works especially well with Women’s Dryness™ extract, a combination of specially chosen herbs, which helps women maintain vaginal moisture for healthy sexuality.

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Your sexuality doesn’t have to end just because you’re in menopause. Sexuality in the second half of life can be better than ever! 

To Life-Long Health,

Linda Page, Ph. D., Traditional Naturopath
Author of Healthy Healing & Founder
of Crystal Star Herbal Nutrition (Since 1978).


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