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Dear Friends,
My Women's Fertility Kit was created to support a woman's optimum reproductive health. It's particularly useful for women who have an irregular menstrual cycle. (A regular cycle is usually about 28 days. ) But, today, many women suffer from an irregular cycle; they may skip their menstrual periods altogether or have extremely long periods. For them, conceiving is especially difficult because their fertile days are difficult to predict and traditional means of determining ovulation aren't very accurate. The formulas in the kit help regulate menstruation and encourage normal ovulation (some women don't ovulate monthly either), so women using it will have a better chance at conceiving.

The kit is useful for women who want to have a baby, but who have no interest in sex, either because of stress or hormonal imbalance. It's easy for couples dealing with fertility problems to lose their spark while focusing on the mechanics of conception. The kit helps couples put the fun back into baby-making. Whole herbs are very stress relieving and hormone balancing. Some like wild oats have even been found to enhance libido and orgasm frequency!

My Women's Fertility Kit is also used by women who want to promote a healthy body environment before they try to conceive. Many herbs I recommend like red raspberry are "uterine tonics" that help the uterus prepare for healthy conception, pregnancy and even easier child delivery. By purchasing the kit, you save 20% over buying everything seperately.

- Women's Fertility Kit [20% Off]
Enhance women's fertility with a whole herb nutrition kit! Millions of Americans struggle with fertility problems. Most can overcome them with simple lifestyle changes and natural therapies. In addition, whole herb nutrients provide ideal support for the special needs of a mother-to-be. [View Women's Fertility Kit Instructional Healing Plan PDF] http://www.healthyhealing.com/pdf/kit.program.fertility.pdf

Learn More: http://www.healthyhealing.com/product.esiml?PID=404

To Life-Long Health,

Linda Page, Ph. D., Traditional Naturopath
Author of Healthy Healing & Founder 
of Crystal Star Herbal Nutrition (Since 1978).

P.S. Remember to look for my books and whole herb formulas in fine health food stores everywhere. To find the store nearest you, visit my store locater page, ( http://www.healthyhealing.com/retail.stores.html ) or simply ask your favorite store to carry my products.


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