[nlgcdc] GOODDAY

Mr Van Smith vansmith at myway.com
Tue Aug 21 21:29:56 PDT 2007

Dear Friend
It is my pleasure to reach you after our unsuccessful attempt on our 
business transaction Well I just want to use this medium to thank 
you very much for your earlier assistance to help me in receiving the 
funds without any positive outcome
I am obliged to inform you that I have succeeded in receiving the funds
with the help of a new partner from united kingdom  Mr Fernando Alvaro 
Gomez, Everything was perfectly done because we strike a deal with one
the Lady Accountant who works with the Federal Ministry of Finance 
(F.M.F) and she rendered a tremendous help to us My new partner 
initiated this idea and everything worked out successfully
In appreciation of your earlier assistance to me in receiving the 
funds I have decided to compensate you with the sum of 
$850,000,00. Eight Hundred and Fifty Thousand United States Dollars in
Cashier's cheque. This is from my own share I did this simply to show 
appreciation to you for your kind support and assistance even though we
could not succeed due to some unforseen circumstances and reason.

Presently I am in united kingdom for investment project with my own
under the advice of my partner Meanwhile I didn't forget your 
past efforts and attempts to assist me in transferring this funds
the fact that we could not succeed I will be sending you e-mail from 
time to time to know if you have received your share or not
In the light of the above you are therefore to contact my lawyer 
Barr chidi umeakaeze  and do send him your contact address where you 
want the cheque to be sent to you, His e-mail address is:  
  barristerchidiumeakaeze at yahoo.es 
Please do let me know immediately you receive it so that we can share 
the joy together after all the suffering at that time In the 
moment I am very busy here in manchester the capital city of uk
of the investment projects which the new partner and I are having at 
hand So feel free to get in touch with him to send the cheque to you 
without any delay. I have signed it and it free from from Fraudulent
 Check. It is Company cheque of my Partner who helped me have the
 transaction a success at last.
I want you to get to my lawyer as soon as you receive these Email. Ones
 again, i am thanking you for all your assistance and i am sorry for
 all condition that you passed through inrespect of the success of these
 transaction and that is why i told my friend to get you large percentage
 of the total sum for your compensation. i want you to give directive
 on how my lawyer can have it sent to you immediatelly.
With My Best Regards
Mr Van Smith

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