[Oeva-list] Who has a crimper?

Myles Twete mylest at teleport.com
Sat Nov 8 10:03:15 PST 2003

MessageI have a hammer crimper you could use...but I'm on the eastside.
Also, hammer crimpers are pretty cheap---if they'll work for you.
Mine will crimp from say, 4ga to 2/0...and hammering's kinda fun.
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  Does anyone have a crimper for #1 AWG lugs?

  If so, can I get together with you either this weekend, or at the next
OEVA meeting?

  I just a have a small job, making up cables for my new PFC50 charger. Need
to make about 6 crimps.

      Rick Barnes
      Aloha, OR
      pgr 503-204-5076
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