[Oeva-list] 48V Battery Charger on eBay

Rick Barnes barnes.rick at comcast.net
Sat Apr 3 08:32:15 PST 2004

A real nice charger/DC power supply is on eBay:
4> &item=3806871648&category=26224
This looks like the charger I had, which burned up in my garage:
Originally used for a telephone company lead-calcium battery backup systems.
Note: for stationary installation, very large. About 200 lbs and about the
size of a large window air conditioner.
Everything is adjustable, with 2 pre-set selectable charge voltages ("float"
or "equalize"), adjustable current limit, adjustable high voltage shutdown,
and output voltage and current meters. There is no timer, but you can easily
make one (was an optional circuit board). I seem to remember there is a wide
voltage adjustment range, like 0-70V or so.
This model charger is no longer being made, since 2000 (replacement model is
smaller, cheaper HRT48AC50
<http://www.cdpowercom.com/cd/products/rectifiers/24volt/hrt10_330.htm> ). I
believe they cost about $5000 new.
Rick Barnes
Aloha, OR
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