[Oeva-list] FW: EVents that OEVA members should be aware of

Eric Johnson ejts at comcast.net
Sat Apr 10 12:33:23 PDT 2004

The following was sent to me a few days ago by Roy LeMeur.  I
goofed up and missed the fact that Discovery Park's Alternatively-Fueled
Vehicle Fair was today, 4/10/04, so I'm too late with that notice
(content deleted).

However, the Lacey event, which Gary plans to attend with his
electric Insight, is far enough in the future for some to plan

Here's Roy's info:

Eric Johnson
Portland, OR
ejts at comcast.net

>--- Original Message ---
>City of Lacey Alternative Fuel Fair and Electrathon
>Grand Prix  9 am - 4 pm, Saturday, May 8th 2004
>City of Lacey, WA. Alternative Fuel Fair and Electrathon Grand
Prix 5/8/04
>Warning! Shameless Promo-
>Come one, come all, from wherever you are to the annual Lacey
>Fuel Fair in Lacey, WA.
>(Please contact me for more info, I am on the planning committee.
>roylemeur at yahoo.com)
>A wide variety of electric, hybrid, LNG, and bio-diesel vehicles
will be on 
>Segway Human Transporters will be available for test rides.
>A selection of food, drink, and merchandise vendors will be
>The course for the electrathon race is new this year and there
will be lots 
>of high school teams and other competitors.
>I attend this event every year and always have a great time.
>Info from the City of Lacey website-
>Alternative Fuel Fair & Electric Car Races
>Saturday, May 8  10am
>Huntamer Park in Woodland Square
>For Information: Lacey Parks and Recreation, (360) 491-0857
>It's an all-electric car rally! High school teams and hobbyists
race their 
>custom made electric cars in an effort to drive the most times
around the 
>course in one hour. The Alternative Fuel Fair also features
a variety of 
>displays and vehicles. Electric bikes, Segways, scooters, motorcycles,

>hybrid cars, and cars powered by natural gas, electricity, and
>will be displayed. Take a look at the future now!
>For more info go here and click Alternative Fuel Fair-
>Driving directions-
>Roy LeMeur   Olympia, WA
>My Electric Vehicle Pages:
>Informative Electric Vehicle Links:

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