[Oeva-list] More EVers needed for Lacey Alternative Fuel Fair

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Wed Apr 14 22:09:10 PDT 2004

Below is the info for not only the Lacey EVent but also for the EVent 
Roderick Wilde is involved with in Port Townsend WA. this coming weekend.

But I really want to speak as to why it is important to support these types 
of EVents.

I attended the Seattle Alternatively Fueled Vehicle Fair (I wonder where 
they got that name :^D) last weekend at Discovery Park.

There were only about a dozen vehicles being exhibited and I was skeptical 
as to how many folks might attend.

Well… we were swamped with folks who were very hungry for the info, I talked 
pretty much continuously to all types of folks that were eager to learn as 
did the other exhibitors. All three local TV networks were there and shot a 
lot of footage, there was substantial print and radio media too. All this 
for maybe 12 vehicles.

Point being- EVs (and other alternatives to gasoline) appear to be hotter 
right now than they have been since the “fuel crisis” of the 70s, Joe Sixpak 
is hungry for the info. As fuel prices continue to rise there will be more 
and more interest. I believe we need to strike while the iron is hot and do 
whatever we can to help promote the adoption of this technology.

If any OEVA folks can manage to drag themselves and/or their EVs out to any 
or all of the upcoming EVents, PLEASE DO!

EVent info below.

City of Lacey, WA. Alternative Fuel Fair and Electrathon Grand Prix 5/8/04

Warning! Shameless Promo-

Come one, come all, from wherever you are to the annual Lacey Alternative 
Fuel Fair in Lacey, WA.

(Please contact me for more info, I am on the planning committee
roylemeur at yahoo.com)

A wide variety of electric, hybrid, LNG, and bio-diesel vehicles will be on 

Segway Human Transporters will be available for test rides.

A selection of food, drink, and merchandise vendors will be available.

The course for the electrathon race is new this year and there will be lots 
of high school teams and other competitors.

I attend this event every year and always have a great time.

Info from the City of Lacey website-

Alternative Fuel Fair & Electric Car Races
Saturday, May 8  10am
Huntamer Park in Woodland Square
For Information: Lacey Parks and Recreation, (360) 491-0857

It’s an all-electric car rally! High school teams and hobbyists race their 
custom made electric cars in an effort to drive the most times around the 
course in one hour. The Alternative Fuel Fair also features a variety of 
displays and vehicles. Electric bikes, Segways, scooters, motorcycles, 
hybrid cars, and cars powered by natural gas, electricity, and bio-diesel 
will be displayed. Take a look at the future now!

For more info go here and click Alternative Fuel Fair-

Driving directions-

Cya There!

From:  "Roderick Wilde" <ev at l...>
Date:  Fri Apr 9, 2004  4:08 pm
Subject:  Re: New! EVent in Port Townsend WA 4/17 and 4/19

Yes it's true. It's our first Earthday event here in Port Townsend, WA. On
the 18th we will be taking about a dozen electric vehicles ranging from
electric garden tractors and rototillers (gardening shouldn't be obNOXIOUS),
personal mobility scooter, electric bicycle & scooter, land speed record
Bonneville Salt Flats barstool, FT's drag bikes and other strange FT
vehicles, our yellow street rod, our high speed golf cart, etc. It should be
mass fun!


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>Well... I bet Roderick is planning on posting this, but... (you always
>to wait till the last minute Rod, didja double-check your SOC? Seriously,
>we appreciate all that you do Rod! :^D) here ya go...
>Sat/Sun, April 17-18, join the fun of Earth Day Every Day!, a 'first
>local celebration devoted to the joy of learning about living sustainably
>together on the planet.
>Check out- www.olympus.net/earthday then put it on your calendars. Plan to
>spend the weekend building stronger renewabable communities, Saturday
>morning with Main Street's down/uptown clean-up, speakers/events at Pope
>Marine Park Building , and ALL DAY Sunday with hands-on
>projects/games/demos/food and entertainment at Memorial Field. Electric
>vehicles, biodiesel fuel, green building practices, sustainable
>kids activities, much more, all fun. Ample opportunity to volunteer if you
>want to get involved, or have a booth.
>See what's what on the Events page at www.olympus.net/earthday More info,
>Judy at 385-5766 or email lightenup at c...
>Roderick's Discovery Channel show will air on 5/2/04 at 8:00pm. "Suck Amps
>EV Racing" will showcase the "Gone Postal" drag racer EV. Don't Miss it!
>Gone Postal and Roderick will also be at the Lacey Alternative Fuel Fair
>Electrathon Grand Prix in Lacey, WA. on 5/8/04
>Be There!
>Contact Roderick at- roderick at e...
>-end shameless promo- :^D
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