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Eric Johnson ejts at comcast.net
Fri Apr 23 13:32:28 PDT 2004

After my recent radio appearance, I think it would be good for
more exposure.  I'm not sure the best thing would be to tie it
into a meeting, however.  First, the air time is on the early
side for our normal meeting.  Second, it would be hard to get
any real business done.  But it might make good radio to have
a couple dozen enthusiasts on together.

If anyone(s) would like to take this on, please do.  I could
most likely make time for it if we can't get enough others to
handle it.

One minor observation from my limited radio experience.  I had
the option of just calling in via phone.  I opted to go to the
studio (KPDQ this last Saturday evening).  I think it was easier
talking to the hosts face-to-face and that it sounds better to
listeners, both in audio quality and in the fact that one would
put out the effort to go in.  Just an observation, for what it's

So, will anyone step up here?

Eric Johnson
Portland, OR
ejts at comcast.net

>--- Original Message ---
>From: IKE <eich at pdx.edu>
>To: oeva-Gary.Graunkeyi_ntel.com at badseed.org
>Date: 4/22/04 5:36:28 PM
>   Hey Gary,
>   I spoke with you earlier today about electric vehicles at
the Earth 
>Day festival. I would like to have some members from your club
on my 
>weekly radio program. I have the last couple weeks in May open.
I could 
>put you guys on either the 20th or 27th. The show airs live
>at 7PM. Tune in to 1450AM KPSU. Maybe we could coordinate the
show with 
>a club event. And if May doesn't work, June is wide open.
>   Peace out,
>   IKE
>   503.708.7422

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