[Oeva-list] RE: how do i license my ev?

Rick Barnes barnes.rick at comcast.net
Sun Feb 1 08:27:58 PST 2004

If your locale does not require DEQ inspection, I suggest leaving the
"electric" checkbox alone. You will pay twice as much for registration of an
electric car.

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great question Ives.
For my steam car, I checked "steam" or "other" or something like that. Is
your EV a converted gas car or have you built a car from scratch which needs
a VIN# ? My steamcar needed a VIN# and the DMV had no problem rolling one
onto the frame. I'll post this question to the OEVA list for suggestions.
Stay tuned for suggestions.


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> Subject: how do i license my ev?
> Do I need any type of inspection or do I just check off  the box 
> marked "electric" on my standard registration application?
> Ives Meadors

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