[Oeva-list] Upcoming Events

Paul A Burkey paburkey at juno.com
Tue Jun 1 15:45:16 PDT 2004

Hi All,

The upcoming event are:

Saturday June 19th: St. Helens River City parade. 
Also regarding the St. Helens River City parade will be on June 19th, I
don't have a time as yet. As of right now there will not be a static
display afterward due to a lack of volunteers willing to step forward and
take charge.
Anyone wanting to participate in the St. Helens parade on Saturday, 
June 19, should send for a registration form from

River City Days Parade
KIWANIS Club of St. Helens
P O Box 295
St. Helens, OR. 97051

Or call, Fergus Pilon
              Parade Chairman

Entries will be required to have liability insurance.

If charging is required 120 Volts is available at my home and I can
probably rig up some 240 Volts if needed. Just let me know.

Saturday July 3th: Hillsboro Rotary Club's 4th of July Parade
           I need description of vehicles so I can send in preregister. 
A small group of 6 vehicles can be for                                   
                one  entry.  I would like to get enough for large group
this year!  Let show others that we can be independent of oil and        
           use local electricity.  If anyone needs to charge up to get
there I live just off of 187th and close to T.V. highway.
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