[Oeva-list] OEVA meeting this Thursday

Eric Johnson ejts at comcast.net
Mon Jun 7 16:01:33 PDT 2004

Join us for the June OEVA meeting this Thursday, June 10th. 
The plaza will be available from 7:00PM to show electric and
hybrid vehicles and the meeting will start at 7:30PM.  All at
2 World Trade Center at the corner of SW 1st and Salmon in Portland,

The main focus of this meeting will be our next EV Awareness
Day.  Hopefully, we will have the go-ahead for Pioneer Courthouse
Square August 21st so we can get things rolling.  If there's
any doubt about getting the square, we'll have to settle on another
venue so we can let the world know.  Time is of the essence.

Time is also running out to get on Portland State University
Radio this month.  We'll see if we can stir up enough interest
for either the 17th or 24th, the only two times left.  As fas
as I know, nothing has been set up for this.  The show is one
hour at 7:00PM on Thursdays and there was interest in getting
a panel of about 6 of us to discuss EVs with the host this month.
 We need to see if we want to try to make this happen.

Also, we'll have a little time for project updates and general
EV interest, hopefully to include some news on last weekend's
VEVA show.

This is just to remind all to drop by and share what they'be
been working on or learn the same from those that have.

Eric Johnson
Portland, OR
ejts at comcast.net

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