[Oeva-list] 120 Volt Electric car kit for sale

Tony McCormick tony at notebene.net
Wed Jun 9 18:32:25 PDT 2004

120 Volt Electric car kit!

Some assembly required

Batteries not included

What you get:

1989 VW Fox 2 door Station Wagon
Advanced DC 8" series wound motor 203-06-4001 
VW adapter & mounting clamp for above
Curtis PMC 1221 Controller w/finned heat sink
Curtis PB6 Throttle Controller w/microswitch
200 amp main disconnect
Albright main contactor
Ammeter Shunt
Voltmeter & Ammeter
Cruising Controls E-Meter w/PC hookup
Sevcon 128/12 DC to DC converter
Tach Drive
K & W BC-20 on board charger w/ booster for 120V
Manuals for all of the above including the Fox

I expect that everything works. I bought it all used
and the only thing that I tested at all was the motor
which spins on 12 volts. I do not have any first hand
knowledge of the parts history so no guarantees.

I bought the electrical components on eBay in February
of 2002 with the intention of converting my beloved
Fox wagon. It was something of an impulse purchase.
The reality that my commute is just too long (20 miles
each way) for the car I could build forces sale. My
loss is your gain.

The Fox is IMHO one of the better candidates for
conversion. Even though it is a station wagon it
weighs exactly the same (before conversion) as my MkI
VW Scirocco. The Fox also has a greater max GVW than
Rabbits & Sciroccos and should not need a brake
upgrade. As far as cargo room goes, there is no
comparison. The plan was to put qty 8 each 8 volt
flooded batteries under the rear cargo area and 7 more
under the hood leaving the roomy interior virtually
intact. The Fox is in decent condition for a 15 year
old car. It has been repainted once (red) and could
use it again. It also needs a brake job.

I would be willing to sell the "kit" without the Fox. 

First $3500 takes all (FOB Portland, OR). I am willing
to cooperate with out of town buyers to arrange
shipping, but crating will be extra. 

Contact: Mark at sitdownbike at yahoo.com

Posted by Tony McCormick 

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