[Oeva-list] Tech Fest 2004-some details

copperlion at copperlionslair.com copperlion at copperlionslair.com
Fri Oct 1 10:57:07 PDT 2004

Here's the response from Mary Packard at ITT Tech:

Sorry it's taken so long to get this to you

1. TechFest will run Tues - THurs Oct 26 - 28 from 10am 
until 4pm for the
open house - high school students and Friday from 11am - 
3pm for the
advisory committee luncheon and project review by 
employers. Any of those
days you're welcome to be here.
2. I'm soliciting a number of professional organizations 
and robotic
organizations. Everyone is welcome to hand our literature 
3. You can be both inside and out if you wish - cars 
outside and booth
inside or however you want to set it up - just let me 
know. For outside
I'll rope off a part of the parking lot - whatever space 
you need.
4. We'll probably have food available for high schools and 
are thinking of
doing student appreciation days during TechFest so of 
course everyone is
welcome. The only restriction would be the luncheon on Fri 
but usually that
opens to faculty etc after the formal meeting and you 
would be welcome to
that and it's really good.
4. There's got to be an outside outlet, but... we can 
always run a cord
from the bookstore or AMT lab.
5. Once I know your anticipated space needs, I'll send a 
map with the space

Thanks so much for doing this - I think it will be a great 
show and interest
for students and guests.

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