[Oeva-list] October meeting

Eric Johnson ejts at comcast.net
Wed Oct 13 13:52:23 PDT 2004

Thanks to Gary for taking care of this.  I won't be at this meeting,
but hopefully will be back on a more normal schedule by next
Have fun!

>--- Original Message ---
>From: "Graunke, Gary" <gary.graunke at intel.com>
>Just a reminder that we will be having our regular meeting tommorrow
>evening, Thursday October 14th. 
>I don't have a large agenda this month. A number of us can report
on the
>NEDRA nationals at Woodburn, and the discuss how best to appear
at the
>ITT Tech Fest later this month (it's during the week). 
>Since we have been spending a lot of time on awareness events,
we should
>spend more time on project updates and question/answer time.

>Of course, any other agenda items are welcome. Please let us
know if we
>need AV equipment (none planned so far).

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