[Oeva-list] ITT TechFest October 26-28th

copperlion at copperlionslair.com copperlion at copperlionslair.com
Thu Oct 21 15:41:29 PDT 2004

Is there a consensus as to which day the OEVA can be 
represented at the ITT TechFest? I will have to provide 
them with a response by Monday at the absolute latest. I 
know Gary said he had a preferred day during the meeting 
last week, but is that /the/ day?

There will be outlets for charging available, and there 
will be room indoors for a booth so nobody's stuck 
freezing in the rain if the weather doesn't cooperate.

If there are any questions or concerns, feel free to get 
in touch with a post to the board, or email me directly.

-Kevin Seeber
--copperlion at copperlionslair.com

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