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George Tylinski acid_lead at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 12 09:05:33 PDT 2005

I'm not sure that we have an OEVA motto as such, beyond a
transitory T-shirt design. However, the point is well taken and
confusing the public is remarkably easy to do (or DONE as they
are already confused).

I like the Insight and Prius, but the fact remains that they run
purely on gas today. They do get very good MPG (a clear fact,
one that the public has managed to become confused about anyway)
but where does one draw the line? "Only vehicles with an
electric-only drive mode", "only vehicles with greater
equivalent MPG than the best gas only vehicle currently on the
market"? Now I'm confusing myself.

As a bare minimum, if hybrids are allowed (as they have been in
the past), the EPA MPG ratings should be prominently displayed,
and the cars should be in a distinct area.

Another option is to have only brochures available for the
production hybrids. People willl ask, "Where ARE the hybrids?"
and we can bluntly state that they can't move an inch without

The culture jammer in me wants to have chalk outlines of EVs
killed by the manufacturers with fact sheets nearby - EV1, the 2
Hondas, Ford and Chevy pickups, and that European station car
that Ford bought, botched, and sold off.

After all these years, you'd think we could fill the square with
conversions, bikes, scooters, and race cars (including
electrathon types), and not need hybrids to fill out the ranks.

--- Ralph Merwin <rmerwin at aracnet.com> wrote:

> I just read an article from the July 17th Sunday Oregonian
> about the
> newer hybrid vehicles, including the Honda Accord and the
> Lexus RX400H.
> The auto manufacturers are changing the use of the electric
> motor from
> being a tool to reduce the size of the ICE engine and fuel
> usage to a
> tool used to increase the vehicle/s power without reducing the
> size of
> the ICE engine or the amount of fuel used (or the emissions
> created).
> The Ford Escape falls into the same category although it
> wasn't mentioned
> in the article.
> I think we should specifically not invite the newer hybrids to
> the EV
> Awareness Day.  If we do, we are just helping perpetuate the
> myth that
> they are somehow better than non-hybrid vehicles.
> In fact, I think we should draw the line at electrics only. 
> If we really
> want to promote electric vehicles with "Electric Vehicle
> Awareness Day",
> we should only allow vehicles that plug in.  Including hybrids
> in the
> event only helps the auto manufacturers confuse the public.
> Remember, our motto is "It's not electric if you can't plug it
> in",
> and we are holding an "Electric Vehicle Awareness Day"!
> Ralph
> PS - why isn't our motto on our web page?!

George Tylinski (Yahoo ID acid_lead)
73 MG Midget / Portland, OR

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