[Oeva-list] EV Awareness Day vehicles

Ralph Merwin rmerwin at aracnet.com
Fri Aug 12 09:19:54 PDT 2005

George Tylinski writes:
> I like the Insight and Prius, but the fact remains that they run
> purely on gas today. They do get very good MPG (a clear fact,
> one that the public has managed to become confused about anyway)
> but where does one draw the line? "Only vehicles with an
> electric-only drive mode", "only vehicles with greater
> equivalent MPG than the best gas only vehicle currently on the
> market"? Now I'm confusing myself.

My point exactly.  By using a plug/no plug measure we can eliminate
the confusion.

Besides, we're not the "Oregon Hybrid Vehicle Assoc" and we're not
having an "Alternative Fuel Vehicle Awareness Day".  We are the
"Oregon Electric Vehicle Assoc" and were having an "Electric Vehicle
Awareness Day".  It's difficult to make people aware of electric
vehicles by displaying a bunch of high-tech gas guzzlers.


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