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Hi All

I currently don't own an EV, I did in the past but it did not suit my day to
day driving activities. I drive a Volkswagen diesel, that's been converted
to run on vegetable oil, presently this suits my needs and I'm happy with
it, I take great pleasure knowing that my 25 year old car gets better
mileage (55 hwy) than my friends Civic hybrid at about one tenth the cost.
I fully understand my Jetta is only a temporary solution, only mildly better
than what's currently offered in the mass marketed world.
I believe the future of the EV lies in the hands of grass roots users, as
manufacturers have been dancing around the technology for decades.

 I strongly believe current hybrids are baby steps in the right direction
but more of a feel good technology than really progress and potentially
damaging to the EV cause.

Toyota GM and Ford have all built viable Plug in Electric Vehicles. None of
which have been sold to the public. GM leased their EV1's only to demand
them back and crush them. Ford and Toyota leased or loaned Rangers and RAV
EV's to municipalities and I don't believe made them available to the
general public.

Each manufacturer learned they can make an Electric Car the average person
can live with, maybe marketing made the decision, maybe pressure from the
petroleum industry, I don't personally know.

I do know what the EV world needs is more people saying Hybrids are nice but
what I want is an ELECTRIC CAR . Unfortunately the general public isn't well
informed about what makes a hybrid car vs. an electric car. Bringing an
Hybrid into an EV awareness program would do just what Toyota, Honda and the
rest of the up and coming hybrid manufacturers want, to convince the public
a hybrid is an electric car and even better than an electric car since you
don't have to plug it in!!
Hybrid owners have been misled and misinformed, unfortunately there is no
mass marketed alternative yet

Perhaps we could get together another larger group of owners of alternative
powered automobiles, I for one would be glad to show my car to the city of
Portland (its been on FOX 12 and News 8 ) and together we can let people
know Petroleum has its uses but not necessarily in your car.

I for one strongly discourage anything other than  purely electric vehicles
at electric vehicle awareness day.

And I also want to offer my services to the group if you need a body, please
feel free and call I can be there to assist.



Steve Boser

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> On Aug 12, 2005, at 9:19 AM, Ralph Merwin wrote:
> > George Tylinski writes:
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> >> I like the Insight and Prius, but the fact remains that they run
> >> purely on gas today. They do get very good MPG (a clear fact,
> >> one that the public has managed to become confused about anyway)
> >> but where does one draw the line? "Only vehicles with an
> >> electric-only drive mode", "only vehicles with greater
> >> equivalent MPG than the best gas only vehicle currently on the
> >> market"? Now I'm confusing myself.
> >>
> >
> > My point exactly.  By using a plug/no plug measure we can eliminate
> > the confusion.
> >
> > Besides, we're not the "Oregon Hybrid Vehicle Assoc" and we're not
> > having an "Alternative Fuel Vehicle Awareness Day".  We are the
> > "Oregon Electric Vehicle Assoc" and were having an "Electric Vehicle
> > Awareness Day".  It's difficult to make people aware of electric
> > vehicles by displaying a bunch of high-tech gas guzzlers.
> Hi guys - this is my first post, but I have been lurking for the past
> couple months now.  I just recently bought a Honda Insight and plan
> to attend the awareness day.  I also have done extensive research
> into EV vehicles and the public access to these vehicles.  Yes I
> would really like to have one instead of my Insight, but as you
> already know - they aren't really very accessible yet to laymen and
> common folk.
> I have to say I take a little bit of offense to this hybrid/EV issue
> - I mean I can confuse the issue a whole lot more than a plug-in/no
> plug-in mentality:
> 1) Even regular cars don't run 'purely' on gasoline - without
> electricity they are dead in the water.
> 2) I'm sure I don't have to tell the EV owners that their cars and
> parts took approximately $2k - $3k worth of oil to manufacture right?
> 3) I'm sure I don't have to tell the EV owners that the electricity
> coming out of the walls is made by burning mostly natural gas right?
> 4) I'm sure I also don't need to remind EV owners that by conserving
> energy using an EV vehicle means nothing if not done with respect to
> Jevons paradox and what the leftover conserved energy is used for.
> Yes of course I know all the benefits of having an EV vehicle and yes
> I would love to have one.  But last I checked there aren't any
> available to the general public in a way beyond a fringe sub-culture
> type of framework. Making the public aware of EV means very little if
> they can't turn around and use that information for something
> constructive - the only real thing they can do now is go down to
> their local car dealership and demand they build electric vehicles
> (which I have done myself several times already). I am not an
> engineer, hobbyist kind of guy who can just go out and buy parts and
> build one or convert one for myself - I am a graphic designer who
> runs a home based business with very little extra time as it is.
> Oh and BTW - if you are an EV owner and you use your EV to commute
> back and forth to work every day, guess who uses less energy  and
> pollutes less between you with your EV and me and my hybrid?
> I guess my point is that overall education of alternative
> transportation and energy use to the public is much more important
> than just electric vehicle awareness.  I'm not sure how many of you
> are really familiar with peak oil, Hubbert's peak, and the coming
> very severe energy crisis due to this phenomenon, but it's NOT a
> pretty picture and if we don't start making changes NOW then we are
> facing some EXTREMELY difficult times ahead.
> I look forward to meeting with you all and talking with you on the 20th.
> - todd
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