[Oeva-list] EV Awareness Day vehicles

Todd at realeyz todd at realeyz.com
Fri Aug 12 16:54:40 PDT 2005

On Aug 12, 2005, at 3:07 PM, Rob the Wop wrote:
> Most of the electricity in the Portland Metro area is  
> hydroelectric. So no.

LOL - the world is not the little bubble of the Portland metro area.   
There are other places ya know.

>> 4) I'm sure I also don't need to remind EV owners that by  
>> conserving energy using an EV vehicle means nothing if not done  
>> with respect to Jevons paradox and what the leftover conserved  
>> energy is used for.
> They don't use gasoline at all after the initial plastics are  
> created. Jevons Paradox states that a hybrid will cause MORE gas  
> consumption over time. Since electricity has to be created by some  
> means- it is not a resource (ie. oil cannot be 'created' whereas  
> electricty can). Moot point.

So the batteries in your EV's last forever?  Interesting... all the  
articles I have seen say otherwise.  Sure electricity can be created,  
but the only responsible way to create it is with sustainable means  
and no measure of sustainable means can accommodate todays habits for  
energy consumption in a 6.5 billion person population. Hardly a moot  

>> Oh and BTW - if you are an EV owner and you use your EV to  
>> commute  back and forth to work every day, guess who uses less  
>> energy  and  pollutes less between you with your EV and me and my  
>> hybrid?
> Yes. My Gizmo. It costs around 25 cents to recharge and I can drive  
> it for 30 miles. With NO toxic emmisions.
> Please state the generated emmisions from your hybrid and how much  
> it costs in gasoline to drive 30 miles. Then compare.

When did I say I drive 30 miles to work?  I work at home therefore I  
use ZERO energy beyond dragging my butt out of bed.  The point you  
missed was thats it's important to make people (and companies) aware  
that working from home is a HUGE saving in energy for our  
population.  In that scenario they just removed a HUGE cost of energy  
use even more than any EV can touch for someone still commuting to  
work.  Oh and don't forget the toxic emissions for the natural gas  
burned to create the electricity to fuel your EV - again you are  
mistaken to think you have NO toxic emissions when using your EV.

- todd

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