[Oeva-list] EV Awareness Day vehicles

java at xprt.net java at xprt.net
Fri Aug 12 17:28:14 PDT 2005

Actually I drove my Electric Truck to work everyday, it was the perfect
situation for me, I'd drive it 10 miles, plug it in at work, drive it home.
It wasn't until I left my company and started my own business (also located
in my home) that my driving habits took a drastic change, now instead of
driving to work and parking it. I would have to go to the post office or a
customers site, while I was out I'd get a call and have to make a diversion
to another customer and several times I found myself out of charge and
having to stop and beg for an hour of time on someone's outlet. (Both times
I stopped at a Fred Meyers and explained my situation to the manager there,
both times the managers pointed me to an unused outlet and freely offered
its use, and even when I offered to pay I was told no problem, in exchange I
let both of them drive my truck around the parking lot, and both times they
came back with smiles from one side of their face to the other)
For those fellow lurkers that have never actually driven an electric car, I
think the biggest rush is the first time you push the pedal down and
silently accelerate, and with my truck it always seemed like it would pull
forever, the acceleration was more like riding on a train than driving in a
Please understand I advocate the use of appropriate technology, maybe for
some, that might mean a hybrid, for other's that have the time and the
ability building an Electric Vehicle is most appropriate. However in an EV
awareness day event, I would not even ask if I could bring my Jetta, it just
doesn't have a place. in short an EV is not the only way to get around, I
say it is one of many ways we can get a handle on the growing problems
associated with internal combustion engine and the petrol giants that are
controlling the planet. Your Hybrid is using Petroleum, your hybrid is part
of the problem.
And I am curious why you are being so seemingly aggressive about your Honda?
Anyone with $27,000 worth of credit could buy one. I've seen the engineering
on several of the Oeva's members cars and I must say, I wish I had half as
much talent.

Enough said


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