[Oeva-list] EV Awareness Day vehicles

Rob the Wop noise.nong at verizon.net
Fri Aug 12 17:28:45 PDT 2005

A) LOL? Must we use infantile BBS-isms to convey sarcasm? Regardless, even 
IF I lived in an area where natural gas, coal, or giant squirrels created 
electricity- the generators are STILL more efficient than your car's. I 
would still get far more miles per equilivant gallon than you.

B) Please point out what the hell you mean with the below. I'm trying to 
follow the logic of:
Lead acid batteries do not last forever ergo sustainable means cannot supply 
electricity for 6.5 billion people?
Are you Yoda or just not able to complete a logic thought?

> So the batteries in your EV's last forever?  Interesting... all the 
> articles I have seen say otherwise.  Sure electricity can be created,  but 
> the only responsible way to create it is with sustainable means  and no 
> measure of sustainable means can accommodate todays habits for  energy 
> consumption in a 6.5 billion person population. Hardly a moot  point.
C)  When did I say I drive 30 miles to work?  I work at home therefore I
> use ZERO energy beyond dragging my butt out of bed.  The point you  missed 
> was thats it's important to make people (and companies) aware  that 
> working from home is a HUGE saving in energy for our  population.  In that 
> scenario they just removed a HUGE cost of energy  use even more than any 
> EV can touch for someone still commuting to  work.  Oh and don't forget 
> the toxic emissions for the natural gas  burned to create the electricity 
> to fuel your EV - again you are  mistaken to think you have NO toxic 
> emissions when using your EV.

What point are you making here? I should work at home rather than use 
motorized transportation? Then please inform my lab to move their 
semi-anechoic chamber to my house, along with 1/2 million dollars worth of 
lab equipment. Have them bill you.
Again, I live where the electricity source is mostly hydroelectric. I told 
you to compare an EV's toxic emmisions to your hybrid. Stop dodging the 
issue by saying you work at home, or lead acid batteries don't last forever, 
or that other states have worse ways of making electricity, or anything else 
that pops into your head. Every time you use your hybrid- you suck up 
gasoline. Even at 70 mpg, every mile you drive equates to a hell of a lot 
more toxic emmisions than my EV. Also include the emmisions from the 
refinery and the dumping of your motor oil. Doesn't matter if you work at 
home. And for the record- I don't drive 30 miles to get to work. I drive 1/2 
mile, if that. I said it costs $.25 to drive 30 miles and that my car didn't 
produce toxic emmisions.

The topic is EV vehicle versus hybrid. Stay on it please. 

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