[Oeva-list] EV Awareness Day vehicles

Todd at realeyz todd at realeyz.com
Fri Aug 12 22:57:30 PDT 2005

On Aug 12, 2005, at 9:15 PM, Roy LeMeur wrote:

> Wow! This thread has really brought the lurkers out of the  
> woodwork  :^D
> Can we agree that hybrids involve batteries?
> If so...
> It is not an EV if you can't plug it in.
> If your hybrid is rechargeable from grid, RE, or pedal power, it is  
> an EV.

I'm new here.

I'm not trying to redefine 'EV' - I simply go by what I see.

I see from all the past EV awareness days that there are hybrids  
If hybrids aren't welcome or not wanted at the events then why are  
they present?

I had assumed from all those picture of these past events that  
hybrids were welcome as well as the notice for this years event. I  
can see by the attitude that many in this EV crowd consider hybrids  
unwelcome and really seem to have little clue of real global energy  
issues. Transportation is not even the most important issue when it  
comes to energy.

If the mission is too inspire this technology for future use and  
increase your membership then the current unwelcome attitude toward  
alternative vehicles is a bad move. I would suggest the only thing  
thats really going to do that to any serious degree is much MUCH  
higher gas prices.  Your awareness day will only serve as another  
fringe novelty show for passerby's.

If you're going to lead by example then those of us with hybrids are  
the only ones really doing any good as people can see them and  
inquire and immediately go and buy one when those gas prices shoot  
through the roof.  So if you wanna make any kind of change you better  
buy a hybrid - EV's aren't cutting it - hell even hydrogen cars are  
rarer and they get more press and market coverage than EVs do.

Once again, the problem is not the technology, but the attitudes of  
the people wielding the technology.  Until that changes, you can  
expect the same result.

- todd

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