[Oeva-list] EV Awareness Day vehicles

John RA Benson jrab at e-m-w.com
Sat Aug 13 03:54:46 PDT 2005

Wow - such passion from everyone!

I'm sorry I can't be there again this year with the tangerine Porsche. It
would be a long drive from New Zealand. I'd like to make a few comments
though on this topic:

1. This is Portland's EV Awareness Day - electricity is hydro. Stay on

2. Inspiration is what it's all about. I first saw an EV when I was a little
kid. As an adult, I was inspired at an East Bay (Berkeley) awareness day.
Built the Porsche several years later. It works. One less car not junked.
One less car bought new. Many more people now aware of how cool it can be,
and how do-able it is. Part of the inspiration is others seeing that people
with Evs are "normal" people, too. If I can do it, you can too.

3. "It's not electric if you can't plug it in" Good motto. Do we really need
to become Lawyers and define what "electric vehicle" means? No animosity
about hybrids, but again, stay on topic. The plug-in Prius from Cal-cars
would fit. Before the Prius came out it was on display at an EV event in the
Bay area. As I checked it out, I muttered something to the effect of, "It's
too bad they didn't include a charger so you could plug it in" and I
received a response for a fellow who happened to be looking also, almost
angry, that "You don't have to plug it in! It's a hybrid!" Summed up the
misinformation about the concept to me.

4. All other points I read are off topic concerning EV awareness day.
Incidentally, (gross generalization coming...) anyone who would buy a hybrid
because gas is expensive is also too cheap to buy a hybrid. If you run the
numbers, the higher cost of hybrids does *not* offset the savings in gas for
quite awhile. Buy a diesel or biodiesel to save on fuel costs. One thing
EV's do better than any other vehicle is *not* emit fumes. And we can shut
up on the entire EV production pipeline emissions thing. It goes for all
vehicles, so that's a null argument. And off topic - sorry.

5. This is really a marketing event for EV's, which have no manufacturer to
do it for them. Honda, Toyota and Ford can spend the money and do.

6. Why do we have and love EV's? We need to let others know. That's why EV
awareness day is important. Have fun!


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