[Oeva-list] Presentation to Oregon SAE chapter

Andre Susanto andreosae at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 13 17:44:52 PDT 2005

Hello all, 

I was wondering if someone from this group (or two or
three) would like to do a presentation to the Oregon
Society of Automotive engineers in the third or fourth
week in September www.oregonsae.org).  What I was
hoping to get are that some of you would bring your
conversion to show off and talk about the trials,
tribulations and joys of converting a vehicle. 
Performance comparison, some technical info (AC vs DC,
battery type, voltage selection, etc) and anecdotes
are usually well received, especially if you brought
the vehicles over.

We had a biodiesel guy over last year and he was very
well received and it dispelled quite a few myths and
misconceptions over diesels in general and biodiesel
in specific.

Anyway, please let me know if you're interested and
I'll arrange the meeting.  As a side note, this
month's tech meeting is gokarting 101 at Pat's Acres,
next Thursday.


Andre S

Andre Susanto

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