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Crabtree, David David.Crabtree at pdxtrans.org
Mon Aug 15 09:34:47 PDT 2005

Let's debate!

Obviously, if we are on this list we are trying to figure how to work our
way to better solutions.  
As a relatively new name on the list I have to say that it is disheartening
to see what is valuable perspective being offered, degenerate to disrespect,
which is the way I perceive what I have been reading here.

The way the world is now it is a difficult thing to fight the powerful,
entrenched interests of a disastrous status quo and improve the awareness
and knowledge of enough consumers to make the needed changes.  It will come,
but sooner if those who have knowledge and experience agree on what they can
agree on, put forward a coherent, cohesive message and debate among
themselves respectfully.

There is no one solution.  No solution is perfect.  I appreciate the debate
and the insight that comes from different points of view.  There apparently
has been a lot of thought and not just a little passion invested in peoples
positions their transportation.  This thought and passion is very valuable.
I hope we don't get into fights over who is greener. 

I am very much looking forward to meeting and talking with some of you on
the 20th.


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You're kidding me, right?

'You obviously don't understand' is one of the lamest debate tactics in the 

The topic has always been a hybrid versus EV dabte. Not where you work. Not 
some corporate/governemental conspiracy issue. Not some bizarre segue into 
manufactoring processes. It's quite simple really. You're on an EV list.


I really can't spell it out clearer than that.

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> On Aug 12, 2005, at 5:28 PM, Rob the Wop wrote:
>> A) LOL? Must we use infantile BBS-isms to convey sarcasm?  Regardless, 
>> even IF I lived in an area where natural gas, coal, or  giant squirrels 
>> created electricity- the generators are STILL more  efficient than your 
>> car's. I would still get far more miles per  equilivant gallon than you.
> Sigh.
> Well its clear to me now that you seem to be mostly interested in  just 
> arguing to be right rather than understanding what's being said  so I will

> just leave you alone to argue.  Whatever floats your  boat.   I'm sure you

> will find no end to the forums where people love  to engage in these kinds

> of arguments.
> If you change your mind I will be happy to re-engage with you until  then 
> consider yourself ignored.
> - todd
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