[Oeva-list] EV Awareness Day & Hybrids

Tony McCormick tony at notebene.net
Mon Aug 15 21:57:08 PDT 2005

/>Brad Wrote:
>.... I propose a steering committee be set-up to deal with the issues 
stated above.  I >am willing to be a member of that committee.
Brad (and all),
    I could use the help on this.  I started that activity several 
months ago and haven't gotten very far.   We did get Roy Le Muer to let 
it be known that he is commercially available to help people with EV 
conversion issues and repairs, but I didn't get any actual local EV 
owners to offer anything concrete.   I tried to get a "skill" and 
"tools" survey and got one/two responses only.    Gary and Don Blazer 
help me personally with mine, so I know that there are some folks that 
have the bandwidth.   I don't have a lot, but I think it's very 
important to get the support structure for ownership somehow in place.  

Tony McCormick
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