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Eric Johnson <ejts at comcast.net> ejts at comcast.net
Mon Aug 22 13:20:27 PDT 2005

Thanks Chris,
I downloaded the manual and noted that Curtis recommends the resistor.  However, the car I was (past tense, see below) working on seemed to never have had one.  I heard from a few people who run Curtis and none used a pre-charge resistor.  Probably not the best, but it seems to work.  The reason I asked the question was that the car seemed to have run for quite a while without one.

The project lost its funding, so will not proceed.  Andy put the car up for sale (on the web, not sure where).  It's a 1980 Rabbit with a serviceable body and new batteries that needs improvements in the battery wiring and safety details.  I think he wants $3000.00.  It might be worth it.  I personally wouldn't recommend much freeway driving, even with better pack wiring, but in-town should be fine.

So, thanks to all who repsonded.  We had a plan based on all the recommendations.  Unfortunately, it will be up to the next owner to finish it.

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For 120V units Curtis recommends a 750 ohm 20watt (or higher) resistor.
Chris Brune

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