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Hello all,
The following started with a message from the OEVA website.  I also included my response and the most recent message.  If anyone knows of any other EVs that these people might be interested in, please contact them.  I'll let whoever does so deal with pictures/info.

As much as I want Don's Solectria, it will take me a while to get into a postion to actually move on it.  Therefore, Don, I'd recommend that you contact these people and see how it goes.  A bird ($) in the hand and all that.  Of course, it wouldn't stay in the area like it would if I could get it.  Note: The first step in me getting it is something that I've put off and need to do, so will be getting to it directly.  Other parts could go quickly, or take a while (selling things).

I'll see if I can get Andy in contact with these people to talk about his Rabbit.

Again, contact them with any others you know about.

Thanks, all!

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Hello Eric

Thank you very much for the reply.  We are interested in both vehicles, and we are also interested in getting word out to more people in the EV community.  So yes, please feel free to post our request on-line or send it out to an email list.  Thank you.

Also, is it possible to get us photos and more information on the two cars you mentioned?  I would be curious to explore their current condition, what we can do to get them in top condition, and overall costs.  Thank you again for the help.

Blake Luvon
(509) 996-3637
blake at naturalhealers.com

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There's a buy, sell, trad link off the home page of www.oeva.org.  The
national for sale list is at www.austinev.org/evtradinpost/.

Note that it's not too hard to get 50 mile range at 65 MPH if you just can stay there without decelerating and accelerating.  Stop and go driving, even with the improvement of regenerative braking, makes it real hard to get a real 50-mile range.  If the long-term cost of batteries doesn't matter, you may be able to push the range higher, but won't get as many charge/discharge cycles out of a set of batteries.

I know of a 1980 Rabbit with a brand-new set of Trojan batteries.  It uses a 400 amp Curtis controller and an old forklift motor.  I believe it would go 65, but I doubt it could go 50 miles.  Right now, the project to bring it back on line has lost funding, so the car is up for sale.  I'd recommend it as a in-town car, so it probably wouldn't work for you unless you could live with such a vehicle.

There is a 1997 Solectria Force 4-door available, too.  Right now, it's near the end-of-life of its batteries and gets only about 20 mile range (although with somewhat aggressive driving, I'm told).  With new batteries, the range would be close to 50, but I personally wouldn't count on more than 40.  It's quite a nice car, with a price to match, but it's most likely worth it.

This message came to me directly, so noone else on our local (Portland, OR) e-mail list has seen it.  If you want, I'd be glad to forward it to the list, with your address included, to see if anyone knows of anything better.  The best thing for you to do is to sign up on our local list (it's not very busy; link off our web site) and post directly.  Let me know if you want me to post a message for you (include new text if you want, I can edit what I forward).

I hope this helps some.
Eric Johnson
OEVA Co-Chair
Portland, OR

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  My family and I live in Eastern, WA.  We are looking for an EV to buy.  Would you please let me know what resources you have for this?  Ideally, we could find a 4-door vehicle that goes 50 miles per charge with a top speed of around 65 mph.  Thank you for your help with this, and thank you for the great work you all are doing.

  In Health and Happiness
  The Luvon Family
  (509) 997-0221

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